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  • Name: Christy Peterson
  • Age: 64
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: September 9th, 2013
  • Testimonial date: October 18th, 2013
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
My Background: I weighed 260 pounds with diabetes and so sad inside that going out to eat was my favorite activity.
My son told me that I didn't have to be unhappy, I could be big and happy. It is hard to describe how I felt. Always being the largest one in the room and feeling like I just wasn't very important. I personally think fat and happy just don't go together.
My Decision: My husband retired because of his diabetic health but he said something to me that I really thought about. We don't have the money to retire but he said "would you like to consider going to Mexico for the Gastric Sleeve." he was willing to give up the money or trade it for a happy wife and life.
My daughter-in-law, LaVonna works for Alaska Airlines and she had given us two tickets to fly stand-by anywhere we wanted to go. I thought about it and decided there was no where we could actually go that would be fun being fat. It is bad to say but I really did not study up about the operation. I spoke with a nurse "Amy" that had gone down the day before Thanksgiving last year. She was much younger than me but she was so positive that it was the right thing to do (she has lost 80 pounds so far) that I decided to go for it! I told Darrell that I would do it and contacted the hospital. I knew it was real when I paid the deposit and it all got underway.
Trust and Respect: It happened quickly and professionally. Mexico was not a bother at all. The van was at the airport right where they said they would be and full of hopeful people like me. We got in and off to Mexico we went. Amy had told me the clinic was strange but clean so I was ready. We got there and all got checked in. The doctor is a busy man but he came out and talked to us. He has had the surgery himself and looks good. I made up my mind that I was just going to do what I was told and with Darrell there we would be fine. AND I AM!
Alaska Airlines was amazing. I ordered a wheelchair to get to and from the gates and it was so easy to get exactly where I needed to be. Especially after surgery on the way home the wheelchair was perfect. Right there waiting when I stepped out of the van.

It is like a little club. Darrell met the other traveling companions of our group while he was down eating at the hotel. When you share your life with another person it makes you want to help them along too. We were all in the same TRUST boat...
So I lived on otterpops and chicken broth. I could not believe that I did that, but it was and is ok. At the hotel all you had to do is walk up to the desk and they loaded you up with the eating supplies.

I just thought of my by-line... If you are not going to follow the rules then don't bother going...

I was of course the last surgery of the day waiting for each of the others to go before me. The only time I was away from Darrell was that night spent at the hospital and I was awake and talking to my roomie. She had the dry heaves so that was not so good but we talked and talked and even met the President he came by to see how we all were and he loved my mickey mouse night bag he is a huge Disney Mickey Mouse fan he was really concerned to see that we were all doing ok. Time just went by and the nurse came in and said it was time to van on back to the hotel.

Our main Van driver was to and from the airport and to the hospital etc. I did not understand everyone in Mexico but he was friendly and knew his job well. His little bit of American humor was "There are no Taco Bells in Mexico..." Really? "They are not Mexican Food!"

The hotel did not have a gift shop and on the day before we came home we walked down the street to a leather shop. I actually walked! I have my two beautiful granddaughters and the mother of my first baby grandson that will be here in March 2014 and I needed some cute Mexico items to bring home to them. This is my life changer, my two sons and their families and I want a fun filled future with them doing exciting adventures not just Oh it's GrandMa we have to go eat somewhere cause that is all she does. I can not sway people very well but this is how I feel and I wish I would have had this chance many years ago. I actually have something to look forward too. My Life. I can not thank my husband enough for caring so much about my happiness.
So email me if want or facebook Christy Betts Peterson I am the biggest one in all the pictures. But I am changing that. Christy

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