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  • Name: Ruth Wagner
  • Age: 54
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: August 6th, 2013
  • Testimonial date: August 13th, 2013
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
I have so many good things to say, hopefully there is enough room. Beinging a Registered Nurse/ER Nurse/Tele Nurse, I felt like I had a little more understanding of procedure and the medical side of it. In some ways that made me more apprehensive, but I kept reading other peoples experience. The only reason my insurance would not cover the procedure here in the states was that I didn't have enough co-morbidities. But who wants to wait till you're really sick right? So, I decided to do some investigation and got on Gastric and that is where I located Dr Almanza and the Jeruselem Hospital.
I decided to go to San Diego alone. It wasn't as scary as I thought. Our driver, Omar, was a little late (when you see how long the lines are to come across the border then you understand) arrived about 1220 and was so pleasant. Going through the border, the customs agents did not want our passports, they wanted to look through our luggage and then let us go on. The Hotel Ticuan is beautiful. The king size bed was so nice. Don't unpack because in the morning you go to the hospital. My coordinator, June, came that first night and explained things - because she also had the procedure - advice:purchase the $20.00 to the US customs to go through the fast track. The cardiologist came much later that evening around 9PM but was so pleasant. Then you get to drink, eat popsicles and have the broth till midnight. It is important to stay hydrated. In the morning, I took me and my suitcase down to the front entrance. Omar was waiting for us and he loaded everything in and off we went to the hospital. The two ladies I was with riding over, we became friends and that made this a great experience. Now the hospital - It is in a mall of sorts. Once you get inside, it's still small looking. BUT, so clean. Here we started by removing everything - (leave your jewelry at home) they started my IV and then lead me upstairs to a waiting room of sorts (ask for a blanket). Dr Almanza came out to talk with us and then took a picture with me.
The surgical room is SMALL, but efficient. Once completed, to a samll recovery area. I had a small complication that required them to go back in that evening. But I was so implressed that they caught it so quickly. The nurses showed such caring. Hazel, he was great! Beacause of the complication, I had to spend the night and the next day in a recovery area that had 3 hospital beds in it. I have to admit, I was just thirsty. I dreamed of orange popsicles. The worst of it was.....the xray stuff we had to drink. for me, it was a good thing I stayed close to the hotel after the xray, cuz, it tends to go right through you and there is a definite sense of urgency for a facility. I got to spend one more night in the Hotel. The nurse came in early that morning and removied my IV and drains and bandaged me up. We left the hotel at 0730 and made it to the border in no time - handed US customs our passports, he called out our names and waved us on. Jeruselem Hospital must have a great reputation. What a great experience! Advice - being the heating pad - they will take care of the bandages, Gas X strips, I wish we would have had suckers and we found a local vendor who sold us all that she had. Very comfortable clothing!! a sweater for the evening, at this time 12.50 paeso to $1.00. flip flops. I quickly found out that what tasted good before the surgery, did not taste good after! So don't be surprised if you just throw it away. there are some great local vendors around - leather, silver jewelery, clothing and I think the store is called Sundance. Great places and great prices!! so Walk and enjoy. Well, I think I am finally done. I hope this helps someone. I would do it a Jeruselem hospital again. God Bless
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