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  • Name: Anna "Kathleen" Ford
  • Age: 63
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: May 23rd, 2024
  • Testimonial date: June 20th, 2014
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
I was worried about going by myself to Mexico to get the gastric sleeve. My insurance wouldn't pay for it and I found an alternative to basically save my life. My knees were going, my heart was doing strange things every now and then, and I was so miserable about my weight that I didn't even have a life any more. I felt like Gabba the Hut from "Star Wars"!
I built a relationship with a man called Craig on the information hot line. I would get scared and he would talk me down. I would write all kinds of fears and questions and I would call and ask for him and he would answer all of my questions. He's extremely informed and very kind. (I think he needs a raise you guys!). So, if you have any anxiety or questions call the number and ask for Craig!
I should not have worried at all. The team took exceptional care of me. I flew into San Diego and they picked me up at the assigned stop. They took me for all of my tests and I was taken to the hospital. The hospital was spotless! In fact, it was cleaner than the hospital where I live! The nurses were so sweet and comforting. I was scared to death being in a foreign country by myself to have most of my tummy removed. They understood and took care of every need that I expressed to them. Everything happened so quickly. I was in the surgery room and then I woke up. It was all over.
I was treated like a queen. I was taken to the hotel, which was awesome. They had nurses and a doctor there and I was closely monitored. (I must admit, I fell in love with a young male nurse. He was so handsome and would stroke my hand where the medicine going into my IV would burn. Ahh, if I had been forty some-odd years younger and 120 pounds thinner, I believe I would have taken him home with me! El Guapo, I think you're the best nurse in the world!)
(And no, I was not hungry at all during the whole experience, or now for that matter).
They drove me to the airport and dropped me off exactly at my terminal. I came home and took good care of myself. It is too hot to walk here, so I've walked around my kitchen and into the living room over and over. My little dogs think I'm playing some kind of walking game and about the fifth trip around the path, it becomes a party! They bark and bark and I do my walking around and around. BE SURE TO WALK SO YOU DON'T GET BLOOD CLOTS!
Well, my surgery was May 23; it is now June 19. I've lost 30 pounds! Every day I weigh myself and my weight is melting off. Don't worry if you weigh the same for a few days because one morning you're five pounds thinner. Be sure to eat lots of protein, it will make things melt off more quickly. I use a product called Un-gury. It comes in several flavors and the Strawberry Sorbet and the Chicken Soup save me during the initial fast before surgery. It taste great and dissolves instantly. The unflavored can be put into any juice and one scoop is only 100 calories. They also have different ways to use the product on their website.
I am so happy that I did this operation. I have another 100 pounds to go and I'm starting to get excited about my life again. I can't wait to be a size 10 again! I'll keep you informed. Good luck guys! You'll be glad that you did this, you'll be healthy and in love with yourself again!
Love and Light
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