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  • Name: Liza Lobo
  • Age: 38
  • Surgery: Mommy Makeover
  • Surgery date: May 23rd, 2014
  • Testimonial date: June 1st, 2014
  • Surgeon: Dr. YaƱez
Hi, my name is Liza. I had my "mommy make over" a week from yesterday. I had a breast induction (from size D to A-B with lift). I love my breast now! With my new breast now, it remind me when I was young teenager and had no children-I had small breast. I had 2 big babies 19 & 14 years ago (9lb & 10lb). My skin had stretch so much from both pregnancies. I have always have been good at exercise & good balance diet but just couldn't get rid of the excess skin. Dr. Yanez did a great job of getting rid of excess lower abdomen skin. Dr. Yanez also did liposuction on my side & back to give me body contour. I can already see the INITIAL result (FINAL resuIt in 2-4 months). I got to admit, Till today while I am writing this testimonial, I AM STILL IN PAIN from the lipo. For the 1st -3 days, both my sides and back felt like "a car run over it". Bruises and swelling from local anesthesia was "tremendous". Dr. Yanez says nothing to worry about. I am just very SENSITIVE to liposuction. Different person has different way of experience/expressing their pain. So far I am very happy with my surgery other than being "sore". I AM SO EXCITED what the "FINAL RESULT" in 2-4 months from now. Anyone who is doing these procedure can contact me for more verbal testimonial or email me. I highly recommend Dr. Yanez for this type of plastic surgery. It is also reasonable price for these type of 3 proceduresin 1 price. I will continue posting my testimony on line as months goes by!

Liza Lobo, 360-710-7486
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