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  • Name: Just me
  • Age: 38
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: June 19th, 2015
  • Testimonial date: August 3rd, 2015
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
I'd love to say that this was an easy and stress free experience but it wasn't. The idea of taking out 80-85% of my stomach was a very stressful decision. It was against my family's thoughts, my friends thought I was crazy, and my doctor thought I could do the weight loss in a different way. All I knew is that I was done starving myself with worse results, juicing and the weight coming back, and hearing, "you don't look THAT bad." I weighed 276 lbs. at my highest my before picture is where I weighed 256 lbs. after losing down to 200 lbs. and gaining it almost all back after another surgery on my knee. Working out was not an option, dieting was not working (and not because I didn't stick to it more because of the pain medication), and I was going deeper into a depression.

Since my husband didn't agree with the procedure, I went to Mexico for the first time by myself. That in itself was a terrifying thought, not just Mexico but Tijuana. My flight to San Diego was the longest, with all the voices in my head nagging about the next few days. However, once I finally landed it all clicked once Oscar came and picked us up, me and the other two people going down with me. Crossing the border was nothing. The conversation was wonderful, up beat and generally comforting. They either had a family member that had the surgery or had done just as much research as I had on the procedure and were very optimistic. Thank goodness, if not I probably would have chickened out. Getting to the hotel was quick, we even drove by the hospital where the surgery was to take place. Most of the people at the hotel were nice, but the nurses were fan-freaking-tastic!

I had to drink a "dream water" to sleep that night before the surgery. My nerves were on edge and the roommate I had that evening was fabulous. She told me about how happy she was with the surgeon and how little pain she was in just one day after IT. That night flew by much faster than expected.

Then it was off to the hospital. In the lobby there were so many people that had just had the procedure done. We could tell by the drainage bulb that was hanging out of their stomach and the tired look on their face. Oscar again was our driver and it was great to se a familiar face other than the other "patients." We went into the hospital and met Dr. Almanza as we were having our tests done for the surgery. He showed us his scars of having the exact same surgery, I think he said 2 years prior and the six pack that he has now... :) One by one we went back and then woke up to a smiling face in the recovery room.

That night I had many regrets about doing this to myself, but I knew that feeling would pass. There wasn't much sleep that night and a lot of walking and popsicles. The nurses were very helpful and very attentive. By the next morning when we would go back to the hotel I was exhausted! The nurse there would come in and start another iv of liquids and check on the bulb. I went to sleep and was able to call room service for anything I needed. A lot more walking was involved and then the next day we would get out bulb out.

After getting the bulb out we went for another test to make sure our smaller stomach was not leaking and that everything was working fine. By the gas and sludge I was having I knew my intestines were fine but to see my stomach was ok was nice. Be careful not to try to just fart, you can and will make a mess in your pants at this time. With regards to the scars, the opening from the bulb and maybe one more may open up but don't be scared no matter what anyone says. They will heal sooner than you think and will look pretty good.

After the test it is just a waiting game to go home. Take advantage of the kitchen and relax you'll need it. Practice sipping it is very uncomfortable if you don't and bring protein shakes with you, everything else you can get there.

I'm now a month and a half out and feeling much better, I still eat too much from time to time and throw up a little but I have lost a total of almost 40 lbs and not unhappy with the results.
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