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  • Name: Jorge N.
  • Age: 55
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: January 24th, 2017
  • Testimonial date: April 25th, 2017
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
I was approved for gastric sleeve surgery on January of this year. I traveled to Dr. Almanza's office/hospital on 1/24/17. This was my very first attempt at having the procedure done and also the first time visiting the HMN facilities in Tijuana. I confess that I was very skeptical and afraid as the thought of being out of the continental USA for such serious procedure was scary but at the and same time exciting. My skepticism and fears went away once I arrived to the hospital and greeted by a phenomenal team of nurses and doctors. I was impressed by the way Dr. Almanza welcomed me and the rest of the patients (about 10) that were there for the same procedure. He explained step by step what each patient would go through surgery and the importance of recovering and following strict instructions. Everyone I encountered was extremely hospitable, knowledgeable and kind. What made my experience truly remarkable was not just coming home with a successful procedure but how safe and how much at home I felt under the care of Dr. Almanza and the hospital staff! I must give my kudos and sincere thanks to Vanessa (my angel), Daniela (my other angel), Talya, Natalie and Julio (my night shift heros), Veronica and Anita in the OR who were of tremendous support and care, Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Dieguito (along with his extraordinary and humble nurse....I'm sorry for not remembering her name) for their excellent bed manners and daily visits! In such a short time they became my family for the time there and when I left I felt like I was leaving a family of loving people behind! Everyone was outstanding and most helpful. The surgery itself has been a tremendous success with no complications or upsets. The woundcare given at the hospital was topnotch and the care was to be emulated by other medical professionals else where. I recommend Dr. Almanza 100 percent and the HMN facilities. I was up and walking the same afternoon after surgery and active on the next day; of course following closely the doctor's instructions. While you are under their care there is nothing you should worry about it! I am so thankful for my experience and so are three other people who went along with me for the same procedure. As of today (90 days to be exact) I have lost 75 pounds, already taken off of daily insuline shots and all other medications have been adjusted or not needed any longer (HBP, cholesterol, CHF, etc). My weight four months before surgery was at the highest ever 374 pounds (I'm only 5'8 tall). At the time of surgery I was at 327 pounds and today I weight 252 pounds. My shirt size has shrunk from 4XL-5XL to 2XL. My goal is to reach 160 pounds. Besides hard work and new eating discipline I have combined the success of the surgery with daily walking as to keep the pace, mental health and recovery a lifetime achievement! Consider the procedure if it means leading a much healthier lifestyle and one of endless productive rewards! I am living proof that it works and it works GREAT! I thank God for I had a great surgeon, a tremendous medical team and a home support like no other!
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