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  • Name: Linda Paschall
  • Age: 63
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: December 10th, 2014
  • Testimonial date: January 14th, 2015
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
With regards to my decision to have Gastric Sleeved Surgery in Mexico, I only shared a few details with very few people. My daughter called me as we were approaching the Mexican border and needless-to-say, she became concerned for my safety. There was no need for concern because from the time I (we) were picked up at San Diego Airport and returned a few days later, there were no issues for safety.

Several were at the airport eager to start a new chapter of their lives. I sat in the most back seat of the van so I could not always hear the others conversations. I was interested in looking and observing Mexico since this was my first trip.

We all arrived at the hospital to become part of the patients who were scheduled for surgery that day. Dr. Almanza addressed all of us and from that conversation, we had some blood work and took care of some financial business and to the best of my knowledge, left to check in at a really nice hotel only two blocks or so from the hospital.

Dinner was some chicken broth and water and hit the bed pretty early to ensure everyone was up and in the lobby for our ride to the hospital. Everyone made it and once at the hospital, I believe Dr. Almanza spoke to us again then the EKG and legs wrapped and IV and lovely gown were next. Suddenly most disappeared and soon it was my time.

I asked the anesthesiologist to ensure he put something in my anesthesiology to ensure I would NOT get sick and Dr. Almanza asked was I ready and I said YES and the next thing I knew I was in a recovery room.

The nursing staff was excellent. I was in a room of four ladies. Once one of the ladies got a private room, the three of us were able to sleep and rest. We stayed overnight and the next morning, after seeing Dr. Almanza and his staff, we were released to return to the hotel.

The nurse and her staff at the hotel were awesome. I walked and walked and walked to ensure I could get my drain tube removed and once that happened, I was able to check out of the hotel and ride back to San Diego and catch a flight home.

I am so excited to have this procedure done. It is almost like my last chance at getting myself healthy. I have seven grandchildren - all under the age of 14. If I had continued with my weight gain of the previous year, I was looking at high-blood pressure, diabetics, high cholesterol, and just old age. I'm not ready for any of that right now and I sincerely want to attend all my grandchildren's high-school graduations, weddings and most importantly, great grandchildren. This surgery/procedure was primarily to give me a new lease on life.

I have not weighed lately; however, I have lost some. I can tell in my clothes. I did a very sedentary job that last sixteen months and from that, I easily gained over 25 pounds. I could not afford to keep gaining on that level. Since I've had weight-gain issues ever since I had my tonsils removed at age nine, I am so over-joyed that this will be my weight-loss, weight-maintain solution.

Everyone of us have our own reasons for seeking Dr. Almanza and the solutions he and his team offers. You will know within you if this is what you want and need. You may do like me an keep your decisions to yourself so you're not faced with an onslaught of 'well-intention-ed' family/friends who allow their fears to talk you out of what you know you need to do.

If you followed the guidelines provided by the WLA and Dr. Almanza's team, recovery was as outlined. Hard to swallow much at first, showers and change of dressings - daily, different types of foods at different times of the recovery. REST, REST and REST!!! Time will quickly pass and before you know it, your energy will be up and you'll be so excited to know that a new you in coming.

No regrets. Happy!!! New Life!!!!!
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