Getting out of the hole I dug by my eating habits *

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  • Name: James Brandon
  • Age: 56
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: November 29th, 2017
  • Testimonial date: December 15th, 2017
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
We have all heard the expression that when you realize you are in a hole quit digging. I have been digging my weight hole for decades. This surgery has finally given me an opportunity to get out of the hole and a second chance to get back on track with eating healthier, able to exercise and feel so much better physically and mentally. This is a jump start to get me on the path of controlling my intake of food and assist me going forward.

The experience at the Bariactic Center with Dr. Mario Almanza and his staff was first class, they all are very professional and helpful. Their brand new hospital is amazing, the nursing staff and every one I met at the center are polite, professional and very caring. Even the hotel where we stayed after the surgery, the staff was receptive and willing to do anything for you and make your stay very comfortable. The nursing staff at the hotel was very helpful and willing to make you as comfortable as possible, very attentive when they are asked for help. Our van drivers to and from San Diego, as well very polite and friendly. The attention from WeightlossAgents has been very professional, they are quick to reply to emails/texts and attentive to any questions I had. Excellent service on their end and I wish we had the same type of service here in US that they implement using the portals. I always felt I knew what to do and they give you all the instructions and information to carry on once you leave.

My overall experience was, I am glad I chose Bariactic Center with Dr. Almanza, and I would recommend it to anyone who is in that same hole as I was and wants to quit digging deeper. I have lost 21 pounds since the surgery and just feel better each day getting more energy and feeling more in control of my future health. Dr. Almanza and his staff did their job and now it is up to me to make this a new lifestyle, keep off the weight and become a healthier person inside and out.
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