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  • Name: Finally Sleeved
  • Age: 40
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: April 1st, 2016
  • Testimonial date: April 18th, 2016
  • Surgeon: Dr. Carlos Velazquez
Three weeks before my 40th birthday I weighed 290 pounds. I hit my lowest point. I ve been a lifetime dieter always been big - but I didn t want to turn 40 the way I was and of course all past diets had failed. Two weeks before my birthday I got on board. I bought the plane ticket and started the pre-op diet. My husband took me to an all you can eat buffet before I started the pre-op diet, which was his way of helping me say farewell to some stuff I like. Well, as it happened, I was surrounded by so much food and I had no appetite. I wasn t nervous about it all. It was more about me having made the decision and my subconsciously mind was pretty locked in. So no, I didn t binge, but had a normal sized meal (whatever that means).

Five days of the pre-op diet went well, which I guess all due to that subconscious thing. There s just something about having made that decision to take the leap. My husband couldn t get time off work, but I was still determined to go and have this done before I turned 40.

Got on the plane and flew to the agreed place, but the airline messed things up. My suitcase didn t arrive with me. I was to cross the border, but didn t have my bag with me. In my attempt to keep my carry-on bag light, I placed my purse and other items in my bag that was now missing. (Hubby was really upset about this). I had my identity documents with me, which I guess was the most important things I needed. Well, the airport is huge and I did a bunch of walking between the bag carousel, the missing bag area, and all the other places I was sent to go. WeightLossAgents came to my rescue. Their solution was to stick to the schedule by going to the hospital for my blood work, and then taking me back to the airport the next morning for my bag, while still making it in time for my surgery.

Thank you WeightLossAgents! You were calm in the face of my problem and you came up with an awesome solution. My surgery happened as scheduled.

Right! Back to me and my story. Before going, I read up as much as I could and took note of the various tips people gave, so I ll repeat some for whoever can benefit. Remember to take your Gas-X along. Try to get up as soon as you can after the surgery and walk around. Take some lip balm along. Some people said taking a pillow with worked for them. The logic is that it s helpful to keep in front of you when you drive or fly home to help protect your stitches. I preferred to take a small blanket a throw and it worked marvelously. It was soft, kept me warm, and if I positioned it just right it served as a pillow too.

I had my surgery a week before my birthday. I weighed 290 pounds before the pre-op diet, and it s now 2 weeks after my surgery and I weigh 260 pounds. That s 30 pounds in the period of 3 weeks. I don t expect it to continue at any particular rate. I m excited about my new stomach, and I m learning how it works. May goal is to teach my new stomach the right rules for eating and staying healthy. This is my second chance, and I plan on making it count.
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