Experience from airport on definately a wild ride. *

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  • Age: 41
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: October 7th, 2016
  • Testimonial date: December 9th, 2016
  • Surgeon: Dr. Marcelo Hernandez

I used Dr Hernandez on oct 7th and as of today i've lost 53 pounds and dropped 2 blood pressure medications I also used the lay away plan, put the deposit down to hold the date and made sure the rest was paid before the surgery
took about 1.5 months to pay it off. Total amount paid was 3799.

My father and I went together so I would have support because due to having surgery in a different country and I wanted someone in my corner. we paid for our flights down there and traveled with weight loss agents
across the border our driver was nice and took us straight to the hotel. We were able to walk around and get the lay of the hotel area that i assumed we wouldn't be doing much after surgery and
that my father didn't speak the language so he wouldn't feel so out of place.

The staff at Hacienda del Sol was great, the first day we checked in we became friendly with one of the greeters and he helped out with alot of information and slipped a mini fridge in our room. That was great so be friendly with
hotel staff so you can get extras because not all the rooms had them.

Luckily the restaurant was right there at the hotel so my father didn't have to travel much to find food. Also the broth there is great tasted almost as if it was home made and not bullion cubes.

After becoming friendly with the staff we spoke with another person in the lobby and found out he had the surgery I was signed up for and he gave us more detail of what to expect before and after and that after you shouldn't feel pain from the surgery and to walk as much as you can to wiggle the gas out of your system faster both at the hospital and hotel. Then it was off to bed to TRY to sleep before surgery the next morning.

The day of surgery a few of us traveled from the hotel to the hospital and listened to Dr Alamanza talk about the surgery and found out he went through the procedure himself helped to put me at A LITTLE ease, plus I'm not sure how it happened but when I was taken into the surgery area I saw him twice more when he wasn't even my doctor. He asked me if I was nervous as he walked me into the surgery room and my response was yes, but it's too late now and had him laughing. My surgery amazingly was quick, or I think it was, they gave me gas and I was out next thing I knew I was in the recovery room groaning trying to wake up. Once awake they wheeled me into our ward to finish waking up and rest the remainder of the day. I had it in my head to walk the moment I woke up because I didn't want the gas buildup in my system, so off I went, I really didn't feel pain from the surgery just more of the drain port they placed was awkard. I slipped in and out of sleep the rest of the day and was able find out more infomation about my hospital mate each time we were both awake. We still talk today even though we are different states away.

After the hospital we were transported back to the hotel, again the driver was great they stayed away from the bumpy roads so they didn't hear everyone moan and groan once back at the hotel we all trickled back to our rooms to shower and wash our incisions and sleep some more. Not much longer we were all up moving and you could tell who the paitents were be cause everyone was walking the hotel grounds holding out bellies like we were pregnant and afraid something would bump into them, after a few hours we were able to chomp on some otter pops and ice cubes, and if we were able to keep that down we were allowed to move onto jello and broth. You can do other things while down there like go to the swapmeets/fleamarkets me personally I just wanted to sleep and walk around the hotel before sleeping again The day before our return flight home the nurses removed our surgery drains and I felt a little freer and completed the independent test (2nd opinion) to drink the blue water to test for leaks again.

They picked us up in the shuttles and transported us once more across the border (man way easier to get into country than out of it) Once in the airport I napped on the terminal floor until our flight back to Seattle. I'm glad I thought to bring broth packages (cubes) to the airport with me so I could make my own broth with hot water from all the coffee places or while my father munched on food.

Once we were home my body was still trying to figure out what happened and when it, was or was not, able to sleep and how tired it got after moving around for like 30 minutes.

It took about 2 weeks before it was more accustomed of dealing with fewer calories that it was used to for keeping my energy up and by that time my body felt like it was in a refridgerator constantly. Almost 2 months later I'm begining to feel warmer but I can definately feel my insulation has disappeared and I get chilly easier.
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