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  • Name: Anthony Dloniak
  • Age: 36
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: December 2nd, 2014
  • Testimonial date: December 16th, 2014
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
I never knew I could afford a procedure out of pocket I guess I just assumed that it was a million dollars to get done and I seen there advertisement and I blew it off because the old saying is if its to good to be true then probably is not true ! So me body began getting bigger and retaining water to the point were I could not breath well and I laid in bed not sure how long I was going to live , My blood pressure was threw the roof I was miserable to my Wife and kids even though I should of just been glad anybody would tolerate me on a daily basis. Then I was researching and seen the advertisement again and I began to look into it and seemed to find some things that I believed so I contacted them and the process began. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain so I paid my $250 deposit and reserved a seat on a plane and began waiting for my day and I wasn't scared because I knew I was going to die so this wasn't even a big risk to me. I landed in San Diego and walked to zone F and waited for my transport ! When the transport arrived other people walked up to it and got on now I feel great because I am not alone and one of the people with me on the bus was a 17 year old young man with his mother and when I began to get to know them I found out the mother had a sleeve done 5 years ago in Mexico and was now bringing her son down so all my worry's were out the window at this point because if a mother would bring her baby boy here then it must be safe !!!! We passed into Mexico no ID required lol and went to the hospital that is NOT in a strip mall and got our blood taken and had some test done and we were cleared for surgery , We then went to the Hotel Ticuan and it was about the biggest surprise because it was a really decent place very safe and friendly. Stayed the night pack our bags and headed back to the hospital were there was 9 of us that the Doctor was going to perform sleeves on . We then had a group consultation with the Doc and then Brief 1 on 1 and then went to our rooms awaited the to be called on! Once you get up to the operating room you talk for a minute with the anesthesiologist and then you wake up in recovery with no pain to speak of just an awkward feeling of gas in your cavity and this leaves you by the next morning . You then head back to the Hotel for rest were the nurses look after you for a day then in the morning its off to take your leak test were no one had any trouble with the drink or the test and you head back to the hotel wake up in the morning and head home. They saved my life and I am very grateful for it because its been 2 weeks and BP is normal again and the water my body was retaining is gone!!! life after surgery is easier then before because the liquid pre op diet has you feeling unsatisfied but once they sleeve you it fixes you body unsatisfied feeling. So the post op diet is no trouble I'm excited about living again
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