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  • Name: Teeiea hughes
  • Age: 45
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: March 15th, 2018
  • Testimonial date: April 4th, 2018
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
I came across this company by accident. I had three other companies on my radar; the first was a lighter me. I met a woman in the Orlando area where I live who had recently returned from this company as I marveled over her results she gave me the physicians name and number. I later realized that I already had this number in my cell phone. I was just so afraid of traveling to another country for surgery. I did my research and paid the deposit. I was not happy with the customer service of the this company on the United States end. It seems that as soon as I came to that conclusion I began to read negative reviews about the customer service. I began to look elsewhere which took me to an old episode of OPRAH where I came across OCC that physician was all over the internet! He was on talk shows in San Diego and had a large presence on you tube. I contacted this company and paid the deposit. OCC is a bit more pricey but I felt that I was worth the payment. This company was so hard on me it was like dealing with the Physician's in the States! I had to loose a lot of weight or they would charge me for having a high BMI. When the time came for my surgery I had to cancel I just didn't have the money needed nor did I lose all of the weight that the dietician wanted me to lose! I was devastated! I came across another company Jet Medical I paid the deposit for them but the staff was so rude I told them no thank you. Now remember I have paid as total of 3 deposits with three different companies totaling $1500. I called a close friend crying as I cried she told me that her sister was having the surgery in April of 2018 with Dr. Almanza through weighloss agents, I told her I'd already spoken with them. She went on to tell me that her sister's co workers had already been patients and are all very happy with the results. I stopped crying and called. I feel so blessed that I did. The patient coordinator was so sweet and understanding. I asked if I could possibly keep my surgery date because I already had flights arranged and I was able to do just that. I am a nurse by profession and although there were a few minor things that I would have done differently for the most part I felt safe in the hands of the staff. Sabastian took such good care of me the night of my surgery I was a mess I kept having episodes of emesis, hypertension, and the gas pains were awful. He was so patient caring and kind. I have had no problems with my sleeve and I wished that I had done this earlier in my life I regret nothing and I am so happy that I went with this company. I have been singing your praises. The doctors are all very personable and professional I can not give you an update because I have not weighed myself yet I plan to do so monthly. I thank you all. Might I add this company charged the least amount for a deposit AND they let you bring cash! They even give you a discount for bringing cash. I Love you guys and thank you for giving me my life back!
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