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  • Name: Rusty Chambers
  • Age: 33
  • Surgery: Gastric Plication
  • Surgery date: 05/2013
  • Testimonial date: September 7th, 2013
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
As a 33 year old male I never thought my weight would take a quick impact on my life as it did. I have been overweight since a child and have always been healthy. My doctors where always amazed at how healthy I was until Super Bowl Sunday 2013. My gulblatter gave out and after having it removed my health started declining rapidly. My highest weight of 367 lbs was starting to effect my body, my breathing and my well being.

Living as one of the many uninsured Americans I had to find a quick solution and that's where Dr. Almanza came in. I was looking online at how much this surgery would cost me in the United States and then found a link to and even though I was worried about scams and fraud I still contacted them and started investiaging into their practice. My selected surgery was well inside my price range and it was only right below my state of California.

Knowing my health was getting worse I got a date planned with my employer for me to take a medical leave, and got disability set up with my local doctor. I left for San Diego on the 6th of May, when I arrived in San Diego I was nervous which anyone would be and then here came the Hospital shuttle van. A group of us got on the van and was taken across the boarder into Mexico and after a short ride we arrived at the clinic.

They all welcomed us and then started our pre-op with a EKG and blood work up. After meeting with the director a few of us where asked if we wanted to have the operation that afternoon since there was a few openings, I and one other person said yes. We where gowned up and had a Iv put in and then we where off, I remember waking up later that evening feeling a little stiff on my stomach from where they had gone in, but there wasn't really no pain. I put my heating pad on me and went back to sleep.

The days to follow I still had little or no pain, and within leaving to come home the only bad experience i had was my sunglasses came up missing which was never located. To this day, (4 months post-op) I have lost 84lbs. If i had to make the choice to do it again, you better believe I would....
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