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  • Name: Tracey A. Gillians Pittman
  • Age: 50
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: December 17th, 2012
  • Testimonial date: December 23rd, 2012
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
Greetings, I recently underwent a life altering experience at the Jerusalem Clinic on 12/17/12. I have struggled with my weight all of my adult life. I am a hypertensive, diabetic, hyperthyroidism, degenerative disc disease at the L1 -L5, joint issues, depressive African-American female. I have done all of the diets to only gain what I have lost and gained more on top of it. I have entered contests to have the lap band done for free, someone else won the surgery. I do not have insurance, am a full time student to soon obtain my licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist.

I have prayed to the Good Lord to provide me with a means to have the bariatric surgery. One day I was surfing on the computer and did a search for affordable bariatric surgery, and guess what site popped up? You guessed it! Dr. Almanza was offering the surgery for a low, low price of $4499.00 I was excited, but skeptical, I mean the stories that you hear about the drug cartels, and people being kidnapped, would I dare too? I first discussed this with my husband, and he was very skeptical, "you might get dumped in an alley somewhere, why would you risk your life?" , he says. Hell, I'm risking my life right now, elevated glucose levels, Elevated cholesterol and the list goes on, so I said to myself, "Self, go ahead and complete the medical history in June. Once I did that and they responded back to me, I am going to do the damned thing. I kept the information to myself, I studied the various websites, went to YouTube and watched the videos, reached out to others that have had the surgery and I was sold. Each month that I got closer, I started making my airline flight arrangements, hotel arrangements and disclosed the information to my youngest sister just in case something happened to me. About the first of December, I decided to reveal my information to my mother and other sister, of course they were against the surgery, but they know one thing about me, I will research and have the information, before I run off and so anything.

I had final exams the weekend I left, I was finished the 15th, returned home that evening, and was packed and ready to go the morning of 12/16/12. The flight there was uneventful, I was a little anxious once I arrived in San Diego. The morning of the 17th, I was excited and was pleased to see others bigger, smaller wanting to change their life. The ride to the clinic was cute and everyone shared their story. From start to finish, everything was clean and above board. They maintained a "sterile field" by keeping our shoes covered, they did the blood work, and get us dressed, legs wrapped, EKG done, IV started and waited our turn for surgery. Dr. Almanza came upstairs and introduced himself to us, we met the brothers Betancourt, Andres and Juan. Andres is a riot! Surgery went without any issues, I was taken care of, never hurt. Their operation is a well operated machine. The hotel Ticuan was elegant, there was a nurse on duty at the hotel. We were transported back and forth to the clinic for IV fluids, we were transported to the Radiology clinic to have a swallow test performed. We were well taken care of and as soon as I have completely healed, I am going to tell all of my friends that may want a change. I am a living testimony that everything was well and above board. I challenge some of you naysayers to compare the treatment received at the Jerusalem Clinic versus the treatment in the United States, a triple, double dog dare you! I am a living a testimony and have no problem with sharing my experience with others. Trust me, you'll be glad that you did.
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