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  • Name: JOHN
  • Age: 58
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve and Hernia Repair Add On
  • Surgery date: July 6th, 2017
  • Testimonial date: October 5th, 2017
  • Surgeon: Dr. Galileo Villarreal
Hey Everyone, my name is John and had the Gastric Sleeve done on July 6th 2017. My son came with me and we drove to the Airport in Loredo and parked in long term parking. We arrived on Wed the 5th at about 3:00. We were picked up at the airport by this sweetheart from Dr. Villereal's office. we instantly were at ease as she hug our neck like she had known us forever. She took us directly to the Hospital to have tests and lab work done. She then took us to our hotel. The hotel was excellent and my son said the food was good as I watched him eat. By the way, I did the pre-op diet and walked every day 1 month before my surgery. I lost twenty pounds before the operation. Anyway, The next morning they picked us up from the hotel and took us to the hospital. we checked in and they prepped me for surgery. There was another procedure before mine, so they took us to our room. The room was sterile and clean. It had marble floors and walls and was huge with a private bath and walk in shower. The doctors asst. Karen, spoke perfect English as did the dr. She was with us ever step of the way.About 1:00 they took me up to surgery where I was met by the anesthesiologist, who also spoke English. She asked me a few questions and that's all I remember until I woke up in Recover(about two hrs). They then took me back my room where me and my son visited for a bit. I was a little tender, but no real pain. I got up about 6:00 and walked a couple of laps around the nurses station as encouraged to do.The hospital is very quiet and cool and I slept like a baby.The next Day (friday) we just laid around and watched TV. Got up and walked 2 or 3 times around the nurses station. I did put a translation app. on my phone, because the nurses did not speak english and it came handy a couple of times. They came in every 4 hrs or so and took my vitals and changed my bandages twice a day. Everyone in the entire hospital was very professional and the entire experience was better than expected. The dr's asst. Karen, even went out every meal and picked my son up his meals.The Dr came in twice a day and checked on me and has a genuine down to earth way about him. He came in Friday night and I asked what time we would be released on Saturday, and asked if we could be release early enough to go home Saturday instead of staying another night in the Hotel. He said no problem and checked us out at 7 am Sat. The sweatheart was waiting when we were released and took us back to the airport. We were on the road headed home by 8:30. I've walked three miles everyday since my surgery and started weight lifting and crunches on Sept. 15. I weighed 355 LBS when I started the journey on June 1st. I now weigh 273 lbs. I've lost 82 lbs and am doing well. It changed my life as I already have more mobility and range of motion than I've had in years. My goal is about 220 lbs so Im well over halfway in the first three months. If you are on the fence and nervous about going to Mexico for this procedure, If you go to Dr. Villereal, Relax your in good hands. Thanks to everyone involved for a wonderful, life changing Experience. John.
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