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  • Name: Filippo Navarra
  • Age: 66
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: May 22nd, 2013
  • Testimonial date: July 25th, 2013
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
Hi Everyone.

Hey, between the pre-op diet (12 days) and post-op I've lost some weight.
Altogether in 77 days, I've lost 47 lbs.
Though we have free-medicare here, I would have had to wait on average 2 years.

Since I suffer from heart failure, and was really obese (BMI 46) I made my decision and did not want to wait. Here, they wanted $21000 for private surgery that took less than 45 minutes. At the Jerusalem Clinic, it was less than $5000. In truth, I could have had it done for free but waited, or paid and jumped the cue. The money was not an issue for me.

I had never been to Mexico or California and neither had my wife.

Going down was a bit adventurous. The only problem would have been, a complication. To be hospitalized in the USA, could be financial disastrous, so I had to hurry back to where I'm covered.

As it turned out, I should have gotten to Mexico sooner and made a holiday of it.

My experience was unimaginably positive.
There are those that complain that the Jerusalem clinic is in a strip-mall and find this to be a negative.
These people are mental midgets.
I know of so many people that have caught deadly infections, just sitting in a waiting room of a hospital. Convalescing, in a hospital can be deadly.
My wife and I spent 4 wonderful days at the 4 star Hotel. The only bad thing, was watching my wife devour the great meals at the hotel and then order two wonderful deserts . But for her, after she realize that I was fine, it became a holiday.

The actual surgery went so well.
I went into surgery on my own feet, got onto the operating bed; saw some activity in the modern equipped room and then I woke up.

My first question was," Have I been operated on?" I felt that nothing had happened. My wife told me that, indeed, I had been out of surgery for 1/2 hour. I got up and with my wife's help, we walked back and forth for 1 hour and the anesthesia wore off. I spent the night in a cot at the clinic for observation. In the morning, at 3:30 AM, I was taken back to the hotel. That afternoon, my wife and I were walking around the hotel and looking at shops. Things had gone very well.

Oh, yes. Take the B12. I didn't for the two weeks after surgery, and had no energy. The B12 is a must. Take some protein. I lost some muscle mass along with the fat. Be careful. You will not be hungry. At first, food doesn't taste good. You will learn to cope and loose lots of weight.

Fil Navarra

Good luck
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