Breaking out of my own prison. *

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  • Name: Cherie ross
  • Age: 51
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: December 5th, 2012
  • Testimonial date: February 5th, 2013
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
When asked to post a testiomonal I so many thoughts went through my mind. How could I help someone make the choice to save their life? I thought I'd begin by telling you about he skinny Cherie locked away inside the fat Cherie. I would often look in the mirror and wonder where
I was? I would say to myself I promise I will break you out of ther one day. One day came on Dec 5 th of last year. I took a trip to Mexico along with my sister who I asked to go with me. Her quote to me was " heck I'm not just going with you I'm going to get the surgery also. Because your not
Getting skinny without me!" We went and had our surgery, and many were frightened by the fact they weren't in a state of the art facility. But I will tell you we had the best care while we were there. We had our surgery on a Wed went shopping the next day and back home on Sunday. Then
Both my sister and myself were back to work on Monday. Dr Almanza did a wonderful job! I had to have a upper GI because my esophagus was
Narrowing partly because of my sleeve and partly because as you get older it narrows. I had the best doctor that is in the US as my doctor to perform my ballooning of the esophagus. He checked my stomach and said that Dr. Almanza did a wonderful job, and the narrowing is very common in gastric patients. I would do it all over again, I have lost 63 lbs since my surgery! It isn't common to lose this much weight this fast. But I am healthy and down 8 sizes. I am planning to go back once all of my weight is off and have a mommy makeover.
The funniest thing happened the other day, I looked in the mirror and ther I was! I am no longer locked away inside myself. Everyday is a new
Day and I am so blessed to be able to tell others about Jerusalem Hospital and the awesome care they give. Please if you are worried about having surgery outside of the states, stop Dr. Almanza is a top notch doctor that will make sure you to see yourself once again, or maybe you have
Never seen yourself thin...don't let other people's ignorance stop you from gaining a life you truly deserve.
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