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  • Name: Chester Proctor
  • Age: 62
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: October 11th, 2012
  • Testimonial date: March 4th, 2013
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
Like most folks, I had the usual concerns about traveling out of the United States for surgery. However, a combination of cost and a lifetime of losing the never ending battle of the bulge made the decision for me. Looking back, I can truly say it was the best decision I've made in years. First, let me ease your concerns about the facility and staff. Although the hospital is very small, especially by U.S. standards, it's every bit as up-to-date and sanitary as anywhere I've ever been. My wife, a nurse and diabetes educator, said it offered the same quality care as our home hospital which has been recognized as one of the finest in the country for it's size, year after year. AS for the staff, they are the best I've ever encountered and I'm no stranger to surgery. I've spent a lot of time under the knife, having 8 over the last few years. The concern and care was terrific. I even asked why they didn't build a larger facility and they responded that they preferred to spend the money on people where the difference would matter most. Trust me, it really shows. As for the surgery, Dr. Almanza was great. He made sure we knew everything that was going to happen and what to expect. He felt like a friend as much as a surgeon. Surprisingly, I suffered virtually no discomfort other than some gas (it passed, no pun intended, after a couple of weeks). As far as the weight, I began my pre-op diet on October 1st weighing 438 lbs. Surgery on the 11th of October and today, January 31st, I weigh 341. To tell you the truth, it hasn't been difficult like regular dieting was. For some reason. I've experienced none of the craving for certain foods like I used to and, the few times I've eaten a bite or two too much, my stomach is quick to remind me not to do that. I told my wife last night that I've become so much more conscious of what I eat that there just isn't any room for gaining it all back. Overeating, even a little, will make me hurt and feel sick. Cause and effect are great teachers. All in all, I feel much better, all my numbers (BP, glucose, etc) are vastly improved and what I'm saving on meds will pay for my surgery over the next 18 months. Thanks to Dr. Almanza and the wonderful staff at Jerusalem Hospital for giving me a second chance at life. If you decide to do this, you'll be overjoyed that you did!

Chet Proctor
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