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  • Name: Teresa Mitchell
  • Age: 61
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: July 8th, 2016
  • Testimonial date: January 19th, 2018
  • Surgeon: Dr. Marcelo Hernandez
Wow.. How can I put this in words? I m so very grateful that I was able to have this surgery. The Doctors and staff were so amazing! I m so very happy with my results of my weight loss. I was 255#s and now I m 153#s .. Just thinking about how awful I felt all the time and how my body was just always in pain. Since my surgery I ve been at my best health ever. This definitely changed my life for the better. I can t say enough how grateful I am for making this decision to have my surgery. If you are deciding to have this surgery or not by all means DO IT!! You ll never regret one moment of making this decision! I was very scared at first but I saw a friend of mine going to have this surgery. I started asking her questions. She let me know everything I needed to bring and what to expect. I followed her on her journey and omg she looks so amazing now after her weight loss.. Even tho she looked gorgeous to me but she looks even more gorgeous today. Her health is 100 times better and she feels great! We both talked about everything and how great we feel since having this surgery! Please just note, this will be the BEST decision you ll ever make by getting the gastric sleeve surgery! When I started seeing the weight just coming off I was an ahhh. Seriously do this for yourself and see the amazing difference in your overall health and how great your going to feel! The confidence I have and the future looks so much brighter! I feel so uplifted in my own body now. Yes I might have some loose skin but I was amazed how great I look and feel! I m so excited now when I buy clothes and they aren t 2x to 3x sizes. I m so thankful I did this. Thank you so much for making my journey an amazing journey I ll never forget! When I look at old pictures of me before surgery and after I m like WOW ! It s amazing how I have transformed as time went on. Please don t hesitate to having the surgery, you ll never regret it! I m so very blessed I made that choice for me! Do this for you and don t worry about what others think. I have a friend who made a comment saying oh I d never do that but she does have a lot of health issues like diabetes and other stuff to name here. I did this for me and I m so very grateful I did make that leap and just went for it! You can do it too!! I m wearing medium size uniform pants from a size 2x and large to xl depending on how they are made from a 3x tops because of my boobs. Jeans I m wearing size 9-10! It s wonderful to just go and try on clothes and I have my confidence back! This to me was so awesome!
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