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  • Name: Aime Rodriguez
  • Age: 40
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: July 21st, 2014
  • Testimonial date: August 6th, 2014
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
Hello everyone,

I myself was afraid to have this surgery done not only the surgery part but also the place as to where this would be done,my younger sister took the courage to do it and she flew herself alone to the unknow but her testimonial was all positive yes just a few things she would have like to be different like the lab and making sure every nurse would wear gloves as some did'nt but other than that her experience was all good, she has lost so much weight going from 230lbs to 130lbs and looks amazing, so after her experience I too myself got the courage to set up a surgery date,I was so nervous on the way down not knowing what to expect for myself,I arrived at the San Diego airport and within an hour to pick up I received a call from Dr Almanza's team asking if I was at the pick up point in which I was anxiously awaiting,while waiting I met others that were there for the same thing and we shared our storys and that was much of a relief to know I was not alone,so the driver arrived very courtesy young man pack up our luggage onto the van and we headed to Tijuana while it felt like such a short drive as we ask the driver many many questions,I hope we didnt bother him too much,anyway we arrived to Tijuana and went straight to the lab and that is the only thing I was weary about no gloves were use the room was very small but I made it through that, after we were taken to the hotel and it exceeded our expectations it was a very nice hotel very courtesy staff,we were then informed of our time to drive us to the hospital and I say us because the same people we met at the airport were all in the same group.So surgery day arrived which was the following day got up early as pick up time was 6am,we arrived at the hospital immediately were taken back to the rooms were given gowns and everything else needed we then had IV inserted which were probably the worst part, and then it became a waiting to go in for the surgery as the surgical team came in to take 2 of us back, finally my turn arrived and I was taken to the 2nd floor could not really see much as I was placed in a small room,then a nurse came to wheel me in she placed me a a hallway and then the Anesthesiologists came out and gave me some medication telling me it would make me dizzy and drowsy well from that point on I was out and before I knew it I was in recovery it was like a flash, after what felt like and hour I was taken back down to my room I was able to walk just fine I was in no pain or discomfort I remember talking to all the others in the group who also felt no pain and no discomfort it was like we didn't have any surgery done it was an amazing feeling yes there is side effects like the gas issue but the gas strips seem to work well. The following day we left the hospital very early in the morning and headed back to the hotel and we there received nothing but the best care possible we had IV still in and were also given antibiotics and pain medication the rest of the days I was there, all was pretty smooth expect on Wednesday when I had the drain pulled out, I got very ill that night with fever, chills and I was sweating like crazy I even got so dizzy I could not walk, thanks to my hubby whom was there with me he called the nurse station at the hotel and Luis came up very quickly, he ended up giving me a shot and having me bathe I was so scared at this moment and didn't think I was going to be able to fly back home the next day but I was actually feeling much better the next morning a little weak but I was able to fly home, I am so grateful to Luis as he was on top of things, I think I had gotten sick because I had done some shopping and was very exhausted and probably a little dehydrated but I am back home now, its been 2 plus weeks and I am feeling much better. I am so excited to see my weight loss journey and will post up some before and after pictures soon, all I can say is I am so thankful to doctor Mario Almanza for making this a great experience and affordable, I know it will be a life changing surgery but I am so happy I had this done.
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