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  • Name: cherie
  • Age: 59
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: December 10th, 2015
  • Testimonial date: June 30th, 2016
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
As with most of you reading this, I had many questions about medical tourism and traveling out of the country for gastric sleeve surgery. I am a nurse and really had done my homework over years of reading and asking questions. My insurance does not pay for bariatric surgery at all therefore it was not an option for me in the United States. I had called around and the least I could get it for was $15,000.00. My medical doctor here recommended Dr. Almanza in Tijuana to me as he has followed several patients that had their surgery there. He assured me that all of the patients he followed had good things to say as well as NO complications post operatively. I was suffering from uncontrolled hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis, and have a very strong negative family cardiovascular history. I had reached 263 pounds and had just spent several days in the hospital for the first time with congestive heart failure. I was taking B/P meds, cholesterol meds and fluid pills. It was definitely time for me to do something and quick. I made the call to weight loss agents with much apprehension. They immediately made me feel confident that this could help me. I asked for contacts of past clients that were my age, my weight, and lived in the southern part of the united States. They provided me with email addresses. I emailed these people and all but one immediately replied. They had wonderful things to tell me about their experiences and the professionalism of Dr. Almanza clinic.. Their success stories only peak my desire to do this. They ranged from 2 months post op to 3 years post op. They have become not only friends but mentors and someone that I can pick up the phone and talk to at any time. YES there are still caring people in our world. I scheduled by surgery for December 10, 2015 and I and my husband traveled to San Diego. Everything was handled professionally and safely. They were in contact with me the entire way and kept me informed of each step of the journey. From travel to and back home they were concerned, caring and helpful. It is a scary thought that you might come home with out a kidney or something, Thats what I was hearing from all my American friends, but let me assure you that never crossed my mind. My husband was also treated well and accomondations were made for him as well. It really was a mini vacation for us.

My surgery went very smoothly, I never had pain or nausea. There is some gas discomfort but mine was eased with the Gas Strips and I have never stopped being well. I was able to sight see much of Tijuana and enjoyed the trip. I did want to take in some of the crusine (Mexican and Brazilian food) pre op night but being committed I complied to my diet. After surgery I was never hungry. I am currently almost 7 months post op and am GREAT. I have lost 96 pounds, have went from a size 24 -26 to this week getting into a size 12 Old Navy Jean!!!!! Feels great. Looking good but most importantly I am off all medications since surgery day. I do take vitamins and work diligently to get in proteins. My only concern has been the hair loss that I knew was a possibility. I have thinned considerable but now have new baby hair growing in. Even should I go bald, I am healthy. B/P is 117/70, heart is 76 - 84. I can and do climb stairs regularly without shortness of breath and my husband calls me the Energizer Bunny. LOL.... I now have a vegetable garden, have redone my flower beds and even keep a cleaner house. Who would have thought???

I went to my primary care physician last month and had extensive lab work done. All came back completely normal with the exception of a minor fall in my
Vitamin D level which is probably consistent with women my age (59). Easy fix, supplemental D daily. He said I have added 20 years to my life.

I found that I was lactose intolerant and still am when it comes to whole or low fat milk but I tolerate cheeses, yogurts and sour cream products with no problem. My gastrointestinal system is much better.

Like you my greatest concern was traveling outside of the country. But it was safe, clean and professional. I am a nursing educator so of course I paid close attention to infection control issues and safety. I found that the clinic far exceeded most of the facilities in our local area. I have NO REGRETS and would do it again. I only wish I had done it 15 years ago. Anyone that wants to ask questions or talk to me, I welcome your request. You can contact me at crlangel56@aol.com

Oh yes!!! They don't just forget about you after they collect your money and perform your procedure. I still get fairly regular calls just to see if I have any questions or concerns. Always nice, polite and helpful.... Check out my link for before and after pictures. Still have a way to go and it is slower but I will get there.

Just remember this is not a cure all. If you expect to loss and not work at it you will be disappointed. This is a great tool but it is just that. You must stay committed and compliant if you want the results I have. Food is an addiction as we know and it will be life long but it is now manageable for me.

Thank you WeightLossAgents for making this available and easy for us.
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