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  • Name: Daniel R. Kupke Sr.
  • Age: 57
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: September 1st, 2014
  • Testimonial date: September 16th, 2014
  • Surgeon: Dr. Almanza
I was a pain in the rear for these people ?? I made them wait for any funds from me till I got to mexico ?? I wanted to see with my own 2 eyes that this wasn't some sort of a scam ?? They took it all in stride and I will return to these people and mexico from this point on if I or my wife and family need any major surgerys ect ect for us ??

Everything was top shelf !! Everything went just as they told me it would !! N the area was like a resort down there folks !!!?? It reminded me of the ports in mexico that the cruise ships visit .. Extremely clean and I didn't come across even 1 angrey local the whole time I was there ?? All the outside local people were happy go lucky .. Had a MUCH MUCH BETTER attitude than the mexicans that are allready in the USA ??

No gangs no violence no cartel no nothing ?? Now mind u if u wanted to find trouble and u looked hard enough and didn't use your common sence u could (just like anywhere else includeing at home) find trouble or and get in trouble !!!?? I would sit out on one of the benchs outside the front of the hotel at nite till 1 or 2 in the morning just watching things n it was really calm ?? I did see 1 nite that the police had a bunch of locals in the back of a pickup truck all cuffed n stuffed but that was about it ??!!!

There are 2 nurses that work at the hotel dureing the day and I just can't find the words to describe them other than 24 CARROT GOLD !! If these people ever loose either one of these nurses it would hurt their bussiness .. They will do whatever it takes to make your problems dissapear n they do it NOW not in a hour .. But there is also this young doctor guy that comes there at about 11 am in the morning (not the surgen from the hospital) n he is just the opposite ?? He will tell u he will be at your room in 20 minutes n it will take him 2 or 3 hours if he shows at all ??

He was the only negative thing I had to deal with !! The hotel was 5 star in my book ?? It was top shelf !!! Super Super Clean n packed with SUPER SUPER HELPFULL PEOPLE !!! Absolutely not what I expected for a mexican hotel !! I'll never stay anywhere else when I go down there ??!! I would feel safe takeing my own car down there to boot .. The hotel has a special indoor parking area for your car that is free for guests ect ect ..

The routine after the surgery is a LIFE CHANGEING EXPERIENCE as well !!! U will never be hungrey again !!?? N U will (after a couple of days) hate chicken broth !!! I never want to haft to drink chicken broth again !!?? Now it would be a nice thing if a person had a few choices on this like they could switch it around to beef broth one day n so on n so on ?? The chicken broth is all u can have at that point after the surgery other than jello ect ect ??

I dont have any pictures of myself to show u but I have 5 small incisions on my stomach n thats it ?? I had a drain tube in me down in mexico that they removed before I came home ect ect n it continued to leak a little but it has quit now at the 2 week point after the surgery ?? Also I am seeing a slow gradual weight loss allready ?? I went down there at around 285 n Im at 268 at this point 2 weeks n 2 days after the surgery ..

When they released me I was feeling no pain ?? I was really feeling pretty normal n drove myself home to Las Vegas just like when I drove down to San Diego ect ect ?? That is whats normal for me ?? Everyones normal is different ??? If u r haveing issues with your weight n like me have tried everything in the book n nothing works then this is what u need to do folks !! Go change your life n feel like a dog that has finally gotten loose from that chain that ties u to the fat club !!!

Go make a change in your life and never look back !!!
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