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  • Name: Shawna
  • Age: 35
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: April 3rd, 2018
  • Testimonial date: May 19th, 2018
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
Start weight when I signed up: 244

Highest weight before surgery: 247 (my average)

Pre-surgery weight at hospital: 231

Current weight: 205.6

Surgery day: April 3rd 2018

I want to say that there was misinformation. I was told since I was traveling alone I would be at the hospital the whole time. So WRONG! I spend two nights at the hotel which is located by a night club that plays very loud music till 4am. So do not plan on sleeping/resting at night. I was rudely awaken on the day after surgery to wait for 3 hours in a room with everyone else from the day before. Then we went to the hotel where it took another hour to get into a room. One you share with a stranger if you are traveling alone.

As for the surgery, you are checked in the night before if you are alone. Then it is smallest person first, I was number 2 for surgery. The surgeons meet with everyone in the lobby and take photos. Then you never see your surgeon again. I mean never! It is a total cattle call type of thing. They do up to 20 surgeries a day.

WALK around as much as you can, this is the only thing that gets rid of the GAS pressure you will feel. I wanted to DIE. No regrets but wanted to die if the gas pain was not going to end. I finally got some sleep after 5am, then was rudely awaken.

Everything hurts, all movements hurt. This is major surgery and you have to go for a leak test, where we were left for 2 hours before getting picked up. The drivers are mostly nice, only one guy was rude. The drive slow over all the bumps but take the time to hold your stomach it helps with the pain.

For the weight loss ..I have hit to none loss times. First one was for 15 days and now I am on day 9 of the second one. I eat the diet recommended and get in walking every day for over an hour.

Best help I found was online, you get info from the weight loss agents then different paperwork post opp info from the hospital. I found looking up everything is best. I can t get gluten so I have to be very careful. Getting in all the calories in the first few weeks was hard.

I rarely feel hungry and never full. I just get a pressure and stop eating. I can t eat more than 3 ounces at a time. Does not matter what it is or if it s even water. I use to drink lots of water, with a job and life I am not able to get in the 64oz they say to. I am taking vitamins as well.

My type 2 diabetes went away after surgery and my doctor had me not take my pills anymore.
They say you lose the most in the first 6 months and a total of 60% of the extra weight which would put me at around 150. I have another 55 pounds to go.
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