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  • Name: Bj
  • Age: 45
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: January 4th, 2017
  • Testimonial date: January 27th, 2017
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
This has been one of the biggest life changing experience for me,it's been twenty two days since I got my procedure dune,now that I'm able to get back to my normal life rotten I would like to share some of my journey, after all the yooyoo dieting and gilts of making excuses of skipping the jem and still gaining a few pounds a month, my final wight got to 178lb and that to me was a wake up call,I need help with my uncontroling eating and drinking habits,I consider the gastric sleeve procedure, first step was making the 1st call to( wla) and what can I say!everyone on the other side of the phone was very nice kind patient and helpful to got me through the whole details especially a young lady name(Alexandria)she was very helpful for me and my sister to help us throughout the whole things, the hospital staff were okay!! I wish if they had more people who speaks better English at all the times so we can communicate better when we need help, my biggest advice to any one is to have someone else with you like a spouse friend or a family member,I could have never got throughout a few bad discomfort days and nights with out my sister who have also had the same procedure dune at the same time,about the procedure? The first 2weaks I did regret getting the procedure dune,too many bad symptoms, nausea gas pine and blotting and the worst thing was starving and non stop food craving,I've try to cheat on my diet 3 times!!! And MY GOD i don't recommend it to anyone,when I was told that am not sipost to cheat on my diet its not a an option, I almost killed myself, but now that I started eating creamy and poured soups food and vegetables I'm getting all my energy back,the pine of the procedure is gone my stitches got removed and I'm not hungry or craving any thing any more,i just have a small cups of soft soups every few hours cheese chettose and gold fish crackers and apple and white grape juices in between I'm happy and satisfied,and now that I have lost a 22lb in 22 days I've kind of forgot about everything that I've been through and say it was well worth it and wished I had done it sooner,sooo I just wanted want to say thank you to (wla)and to all the nice wonderful hotel staff and the drivers Dr's and nurses
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