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  • Name: Cindy Bednarz
  • Age: 49
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: May 11th, 2017
  • Testimonial date: May 28th, 2017
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
I found these testimonials very helpful when I was deciding to have my surgery. My sister also had the gastric sleeve done exactly 4 weeks before I did, so I kind of knew what to expect. Most of the testimonials didn't really focus on the actual surgery so I will since it was not fun at all for me.
I was picked up right on time at the San Diego airport and taken to the hotel with a couple other people. I spent a nice evening at the hotel. Since I didn't have anyone with me I just hung out watching movies.
Early the next morning I was picked up from the lobby of the hotel and taken over to the hospital for surgery along with 3 other gentlemen. I met with the doctors right after they had prepped me for surgery (nice gown pic) I found the doctors to be very good at telling us what was going to be happening.
I went in for surgery, and when I came to I was in tons and tons of pain. It was almost like they put me under and didn't give me anything at all for pain until after I was taken to my hospital room. I must say that was terrible. I think it's great that they do only what is required and the bare minimum amount needed but when it comes to pain I think they could give you a lot more pain medication. I have had 5 other surgeries in my life, including 2 babies and never came out feeling like that before. They finally did get some pain meds going and I would say for the next three days it was always just taking the edge off but I still hurt quite a bit.
For the gas that is in your system, I found walking a lot helped. I probably walked those halls a hundred times that day. The more you move around the better. The second day they take you back to the hotel, and I sure did appreciate the driver driving very slowly on those roads to help with the impact. I tipped that guy $10 just for that drive back.
The next two days at the hotel, I spent my time resting as much as possible and walking around the hotel. It was nice to sit out by the pool occasionally. There are only 2 English speaking channels on the TV so bring movies or your Netflix on your device to keep you company. Be aware of roaming charges on your phone. Pre-plan with your provider. Also, let your credit card company know you'll be in Mexico or they won't let you use it.
I had a great roommate at the hotel, we took turns getting up to let nurses in the room, etc and helped each other laugh about our pain.
On day 4, my roommate and I both demanded a extra dose of pain meds because we wanted to be more comfortable and they finally gave us some and then before bed that night we asked for a shot to help us sleep that night and they did, so we both slept really well. Alot of the nurses don't speak great english but if you talk to the girl who is in charge in the mornings she is wonderful (sorry cant remember her name) that is when you need to get your point across if you are having any issues but all the nurses are wonderful and polite.
I left on day 5 which was a Sunday and they only had shuttles back to the airport early at 6am and 9:30am. My flight was at 9:30pm that day so it really was terrible sitting in the airport all day. I highly suggest making sure your flight is around 1-4pm during the day so you wont be so uncomfortable all day, especially if you have far to travel. If I would have had someone with me we could have seen the town a bit but I didn't.
If you do take someone with you, they need to be prepared the first 2 days to pretty much be by themselves until the patient really starts to get around a bit, then it would be nice to have the help. If you decide to do it alone it is just fine too. You will find the people that you are there with to be enjoyable and some you may even want to keep in contact with about your journey.
The 5 day pre-op diet for me was really not too bad and I lost 9 lbs. during that time to pre-surgery. I weighed myself again the day after I got home and I was only down 2 lbs which I thought was very weird after not eating anything those 5 days.
Today is day 15 after surgery and I am down 18lbs since I got home. My current clothes are feeling loose, and I see a big difference in my face and shoulder areas. My starting weight was 264.3 and I have never been able to lose weight so I am happy with the direction things are going. Stitches are out, things are healing good and I just started testing small amounts of soup, cottage cheese and egg as of yesterday. Everything is going well and despite the pain of the first 3 days I am now really happy that I did the procedure. It was done very professionally and the followup at the hotel with the nurses was great. Be prepared for pain and gas, walk a lot, sip your liquids and walk some more and it should go well for you.
There is a great pharmacy across the street from the hotel to buy any meds that you will need. I suggest getting a bottle of Tramadol to take home, its higher dose than what they are going to give you to take home. Take all your meds as they tell you too and follow the diet. Good luck to you! Definitely do this! It's not easy at all but it will be a great lifestyle change.
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