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  • Name: Katie Anderson
  • Age: 37
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: March 11th, 2022
  • Testimonial date: March 11th, 2023
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
I waited a full year to see how things would go before sharing my thoughts post-op 1 year. 3/10/22-3/10/23
1- This was the BEST decision I have made for myself.
2- This was the HARDEST thing I've ever done.
3- I miss water, I used to drink 150+ ounces of water everyday and I loved it. Now I'm lucky if I can get 36 ounces through the whole day, I miss water.
4- My already genetically thinning hair fell out. Like a LOT! I did find a liquid supplement (Spring Valley Biotin & Collagen 15000mcg)(I totally recommend starting hair supplements ahead of time to get a jump on it) that has made a drastic improvement and it's only $9 at Walmart.
5- It took about 8 months before I could take my regular medication without wanting to gag because my brain was so afraid I couldn't tolerate them so I struggled but now I'm back to normal in that regard.
6- I can't throw up anymore. It's weird, sometimes I need to but physically can't. This is a blessing and a curse. Instead of puking I sweat and my mouth waters (like, pours out of my mouth uncontrollably) and it is miserable.
7- There is a very fine line between enough food and
TOO MUCH and sometimes it is one bite or one sip of water, learning to gauge that is crazy hard!! Probably the hardest part, especially in the beginning.
8- I didn't know my knees hurt until they didn't hurt anymore, that realization was gut wrenching. Realizing I had hurt my body so much that I didn't even know it until I wasn't hurting with extra weight was a hard pill to swallow.
9- I am no longer sick and tired all the time, now when I'm tired I'm just tired. I feel physically tired but not mentally exhausted on top of being tired and that is a GIANT difference. A giant benefit.
10- Fun things that have changed since surgery, I can buy clothes off the rack without trying them on. I have NEVER been able to do that.
I can cross my legs and sit like a lady! I love that part.
11- Practical things that have changed since surgery I can sit in an airplane seat comfortably. I can walk up a flight of stairs, try on clothes, TIE my freaking shoes, play with my kids, walk on the beach, stand in line, ride a bike and so many other things WITHOUT being winded!!
It's amazing and absolutely the best part of this whole process.
12- I do miss food sometimes but not the way I thought I would. I miss the gratification of a big juicy steak, I miss a big basket of fries, a whole sandwich Or salad. I miss the amount of food because when something tastes really good you want to eat it ALL but since I can't, sometimes it makes me sad. That is for sure the mental side of this. Since I CAN eat almost anything I don't miss the things I love but it has changed a couple things. I struggle with dairy now, ice cream and milk tear me up but cheese is fine. Gluten bothers me a bit but not enough to cut it out completely, I'm just more selective about it now.
13- My only suggestion would be to talk about it, I have a few friends that tried to hide having surgery for whatever reason but they have all said it made it much harder because they felt alone and isolated and they had to worry about what they said on top of worrying about getting through the process. I've talked about and shared the experience with those around me and have found great support and encouragement. There have been a few negative reactions but when it comes down to it, that is about them, not me.
14- I have lost 85 pounds and 65 inches over all (this fluctuates 2-4 pounds on any given day which is how anybody's body works)
I started at 235 and am now at 150 if you need some perspective like I did. I was wearing a 2XL top and 16-18 pants and size 10 shoes, I'm now wearing a medium top, size 8 pants and an 8 in shoes! Even my feet lost weight!

This has been crazy. Crazy good. Crazy bad. Crazy hard but so worth it. I have loved the results I've gotten and would absolutely recommend it every day of the week.
10 out of 10. 5 stars.

Side note: Dr. Almanza and his team were so helpful and kind, even with our language barriers. The facility was clean, maybe even a little more than in the US.

Extra side note: If you are lucky enough to have Christian pick you up from the airport, Tip that guy BIG!!! He was so helpful and went so far out of his way to make sure my sister and I had what we needed. My sister went as my person and stayed at the hotel across town and Christian made sure she was safe and protected the whole time. He went as far as taking her after hours in his own car to the market and staying with her so she could get some items she had forgotten ( I know that sounds sketchy but he made her feel completely comfortable and safe like they'd been friends for years) He was caring and so sweet and by US standards makes pennies but is worth millions, so give it to him. He's worth it

Good luck on your journey through VSG. You will not regret making yourself a priority. It will absolutely be hard, but a year from now your life can be totally different and it is amazing.

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