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  • Name: Revis Daggett
  • Age: 51
  • Surgery: Gastric Sleeve
  • Surgery date: March 8th, 2016
  • Testimonial date: March 14th, 2016
  • Surgeon: Dr. Mario Almanza
dear Weight Loss Agents,

i booked in advance for the gastric sleeve, and that is exactly what surgical procedure i had. i even paid cash on site to receive a slight discount to my total cost! who doesn't like saving a little cash??!!

it was, overall, a terrific experience, and i am healing VERY nicely, quickly. the medical team, including administrators and housekeeping, was so good to me ... to all of us! i am so impressed with the caliber of knowledge and service they provided. as well, the post-op "hospital" at the local hotel was exemplary with five star service!! the staff was extremely pleasant, available, helpful, and VERY professional. the doc who made the post-op rounds and the nursing team were amazing! their bedside manner was friendly and off-the-charts great! i was so at ease throughout because i immediately perceived that i was in VERY GOOD hands!!

the added bonus to my surgical experience were the friends i made AT the hospital and AT the hotel who were going through exactly the same thing i was: gastric sleeve surgery. i truly connected with a handfull of ladies from across the USA that i honestly believe will be life-long friends, like a support group in my weight loss journey. my roomate in the hospital--i'll call her "TN"--was a blessing as was her precious mother, providing moral support for borh of us. my roomate at the hotel, "TB," was a perfect fit for me: joyful, optimistic, generous, kind, and humorous! our next door neighbors--"TR, "AD," "PF," KB," and "MW"--were an encouragement through the process and made it all seem as if it were truly "just a vacation!" they will be, i'm certain, friends for a lifetime!! as the credit card commercial would state this event: PRICELESS!!!

per the surgery itself ...

i did NOT take gas-X at all, whatsoever ... not even immediately my surgery. otherwise, i used essential oils and massage to move the gas out!

i took only the required dosages of pain medicine. once we were released from the hotel on the fourth day, i did NOT honestly need and pain medication. therefore, i took none that was sent home with me, not even during or after flight and travel. i used essential oils, however, that have elements of pain management.

i have not taken any antibiotics beyond what was given to me at the hospital and at the hotel thereafter. i have used--you guessed it--essential oils with antibiotic properties!!

the decision to partner with Dr. Almanza and Weight Loss Agents services will be, i know, a landmark in my life's journey the farther down the road i walk.

thank you! thank you!! thank you!!!


Revis in Texas
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