Santa Catalina Hospital

    Santa Catalina Hospital is located in the quiet and tranquil city of Tecate. Perfect for your recovery. The city has everything necessary for a pleasant stay. This is where Dr. Alberto Carlos offers his weight loss surgery services.


    St. Catherine hospital , began operations on 12 January 1999. Since its principles focus to offer services that are not afforded to other hospital within Tecate, this generating steady growth. In the beginning he created alliances with some insurers and governmental entities paying surrogate emergency care , hospitalization and surgeries scheduled services, the hospital was adding contracts with other insurers and today most services provided are beneficiaries of insurers higher expenses , lower medical expenses , insurance for workers in the US and safe school for public and private schools, this according to the current policy have each user.

    In 2004 the expansion of the hospital began with the construction of the second floor , the first phase construction area offices, administrative offices , waiting room and then continues with the ward where five rooms were built more to offer better service, the number two operating room , nursing station and waiting room . This area of ​​the hospital began to be used gradually, making it clear that room in 2010 for the safety and comfort of our patients. In 2012 it is when given full use the second floor is remodeled and renews the first floor of the hospital. Currently the two floors are functional and fully renovated. As far as equipment it is in 2012 when started by offering a new service, combined hemodialysis , being the first hospital to offer service in the city of Tecate.


    Dedicated to our community to provide quality service . RESPONSIBILITY : Committed to preserving the dignity of the human person always kind, honest and transparent behavior treatment ; worrying about everyone with whom we interact . ETHICS : We maintain a transparent , honest and concerned about the dignity of all people with whom we interact conduct. TEAMWORK : We seek collective commitment and success over individual merit.

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